Are shiny floor tiles more slippery?

Should I fit shiny floor tiles? Or are high gloss tiles a deathtrap?

Not necessarily, regardless of whether you are elderly or infirm, the chances of slipping on shiny floor tiles are similar to that of matt tiles.  If there is water on the floor, this can impact on the slipperiness of the tile regardless of the finish. But you need to know, that it is possible to slip on most floor tiles if you catch them at the wrong angle or speed with your feet or footwear.

Grand Canyon Copper Shiny Floor Tiles

Grand Canyon Copper Floor Tiles

Are anti-slip floor tiles the answer?

The only way to prevent slipperiness would be to purchase a specific ‘non-slip’ tile with an anti-slip R rating. It is likely however that tiles with such a rating will work out that little bit more expensive than without an R rating.  According to some customers, they can find them hard to clean because of their rough texture.

Should I be concerned about fitting shiny floor tiles?

In my humble experience, I have shiny floor tiles in both my kitchen and bathroom at home (polished porcelain) but have never slipped on either.  However, in our showroom by the office we have matt floor tiles and I have slipped on these on more than one occasion, so you just never can tell.

Capuccino Beige Shiny Floor Tiles

Capuccino Beige Floor Tiles

Customers are particularly concerned about installing shiny floor tiles in a bathroom because of the amount of water spillage.  But how many people do you know get out of the shower or bath and step straight onto the floor? Not many. The majority of us have a bath mat and this will certainly prevent any unexpected slips.

It would certainly be a shame to deny fitting shiny floor tiles in your home because of worries over slipping.  Polished porcelain floor tiles or glossy ceramic tiles will reflect light into the room and add a certain luxurious feel to the finish.  There will be little difference between a polished porcelain or a glossy ceramic tile with regard to slipperiness. If you use common sense when fitting shiny floor tiles in your home, they will look great and should not cause you any bother.

Lounge Beige 60x60 Floor Tiles

Lounge Beige 60×60 Floor Tiles

4 ways to prevent slipping on shiny floor tiles

  1. Make sure you use a bath mat in the bathroom, en-suite or shower-room.
  2. Add a doormat in the kitchen by any doors out into the garden or outside.
  3. Take caution if you have any excess water on your floor for whatever reason.
  4. Mop up any liquid spillages at once to prevent possible accidents.
Dakota Sand Floor Tiles

Dakota Sand Floor Tiles

Enjoy your shiny floor tiles and be glad that you chose to have them installed. As long as you use caution, they will keep you smiling all day long at how stunning they look.

Creative Tiles and Laminates have a wide range of shiny floor tiles, polished porcelain and glossy ceramic floor tiles.  Visit the Walsall showroom, check out the online shop or call 01922 610015 for further assistance.


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