Bathroom Feature Tiles for Walls

Feature tiles for bathroom walls add glamour.

So, is it necessary to tile the whole wall to create a feature wall?

No, certainly not.  Of course you can if you so wish, but feature tiles are generally more expensive so can add quite a bit of extra cost the larger the area you try to tile.

Fortunately the beauty of feature tiles means they can be extremely effective even if used in smaller areas or in an alcove or an area where you may have restricted ceiling height.

Lock Sikkim Complete Feature Tiles Wall

Lock Sikkim Feature Tiles – Complete Wall

Up until recently if you wanted feature tiles or a way to add interest to your bathroom tiles, you would use borders and decor tiles.  They can be used to add pattern and colour without an overpowering design (although this may depend on your overall design and tiles chosen).

Current bathroom tile trends

Kuala Beige With Tuscany Blend Bars Mosaic Sheet
Kuala Beige With Tuscany Blend Bars Mosaic Sheet

Now, the modern fashion is to create what we call a feature wall. This can be a completely tiled wall using the same design all over which has a strong contrast to the other 3 walls.

Think of it in the same way as how the use of wallpaper has changed in styling.  Now we tend to have 3 plain walls and one contrasting wall with a stronger pattern or design, perhaps round a chimney breast or just in the alcoves.

It is the same concept with feature tiles for bathroom walls.

If you decide to use a feature strip for your design of bathroom feature tiles rather than tile a complete wall, they can be utilised in either a vertical or horizontal manner.

Horizontal Feature Tiles

Caliza Marfil with Horizontal Feature Tiles

Caliza Marfil with Horizontal Feature Tiles

I wanted to have a vertical strip of feature tiles in my en-suite.  But I have a long thin room, with a door at the end and because I was only tiling just over half the walls (floor to ceiling) the focal point for the room would have been on the side walls and not have suited the layout.

Instead I opted for feature tiles using a horizontal strip bedded either side with chrome trim listellos.  We also used chocolate brown grout with the darker tiles and cream grout with the cream tiles to accentuate the colour blocking.

Vertical Feature Tiles

Sidney Neutro Tiles with Sidney Anthracita Decor
Sidney Neutro Tiles with Sidney Anthracita Décor



If my bathroom layout had been different, then I would have tried to use a vertical strip of feature tiles.


Use them to bring focus to your sanitaryware, behind sinks are effective. Alternatively, where you have the shower controller and shower head, or even as feature tiles running at the back of your toilet.




All of these options can help create a stylish modern bathroom design which will be the envy of all your friends.

Various feature tiles on display in the Walsall Showroom

More feature tiles on display in the Walsall Showroom

If you need help or assistance in creating your ideal space, please call Creative Tiles and Laminates on 01922 610015, visit our Walsall showroom or website.


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