Black Kitchen Floor Tiles to Impress

Superb Galileo Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

With modern style white kitchens or warm wood effect designs with black worktops you maybe undecided when it comes to picking the most suitable floor tiles. An ideal choice would be black kitchen floor tiles which will complement your choice of worktop.

Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

Galileo Black Floor Tiles

Black kitchen floor tiles will suit a variety of kitchen designs as they are a neutral choice. You don’t even really need to have a black worktop as black kitchen floor tiles are pretty versatile and go with most design choices.

When choosing black kitchen floor tiles, you need to be aware that some designs will show marks, dust and dirt more readily than others. This can depend upon the finish, whether a highly polished or matt surface, if the tile is smooth or textured and if it is a plain tile or has a pattern of some kind. So black kitchen floor tiles with a smooth plain finish will show marks more readily than a textured tile with a slight mottling.

Our Number 1 Choice of Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

Galileo Black are perfect black kitchen floor tiles – a 33 x 33cm hard wearing porcelain floor tile.  Perfectly suited to high footfall areas such as a kitchen or hallway. They are a dark charcoal effect design with a subtle pattern and as they are not a solid black do not appear too dark. They are also great at hiding any marks or dirt with the slight mottling finish.

Galileo Black Floor Tiles

Galileo Black Floor Tiles

Alternative Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

Slate Nero Black Kitchen Floor Tiles
Slate Nero Floor Tiles



Slate Nero Black Kitchen Floor Tiles also have a mottled textured surface trying to emulate a slate finish.  They are a 40 x 60cm hard wearing porcelain floor tile.

Onix Polished Floor Tiles
Onix Polished Floor Tiles



Onix Polished are the black kitchen floor tiles of choice for a high gloss solid plain polished porcelain finish in size 45x45cm– this tile is a solid dark black design.


Black Kitchen Floor Tiles

Lounge Black Floor Tiles


For polished porcelain floor tiles with a slight mottled design, you can’t go wrong with choosing Lounge Black.

Available in either a 30x60cm or larger 60x60cm size, these rectified black floor tiles will add the panache you are seeking to give your kitchen a super wow factor.



Absolute Black Floor Tiles

Absolute Black Floor Tiles


The ultimate in style must be Absolute Black Granite floor tiles. These are a high sheen polished surface tile and sized 40x40cm.

These natural stone tiles will add the luxurious finish you desire.


For more tile ideas for your kitchen, visit the Creative Tiles and Laminates website, Walsall showroom or call 01922 610015 for more advice.


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