Blue Floor Tiles – Back on Trend?

It seems that you are not alone if you are fed up with only finding cream and beige floor tiles offered by your local tile shop. We have noticed a peak in interest for our blue floor tiles, so can it be that times they are a changing?

Blue Floor Tiles – Suggestions

Creative Tiles and Laminates popular blue floor tiles are: Blue Slate with a textured finish and blue-grey colour and Galileo Blue a smoother finish tile with slight veining and an indigo blue hue. Both these porcelain blue floor tiles are suitable for use on a bathroom or kitchen floor, utility or such like.

Blue Slate Floor Tiles

Blue Slate Floor Tiles

Galileo Blue Floor Tile

Galileo Blue Floor Tile

Over the years, fashions have changed in both wall & floor tiles for a bathroom, not only in the size of tiles used but also the colours and finishes. In Europe today, customers still demand coloured tiles – in blue, green, red, purple & orange, whereas UK customers turned their backs on colours years ago and look to a neutral or natural coloured tile scheme for inspiration. The benefit of which allows you to change the accent colour on a whim using different accessories; towels, soaps, candles, flower arrangements, blinds, glassware & plant pots etc. These we can change easily when we get fed up, tiles are another matter completely.

So, if blue floor tiles are seeing a resurgence…can it be that we will once again start using brightly coloured tiles once again in our bathrooms? I think perhaps it is the floors where this is most likely to happen. For one thing, this tends to be the smallest area in the bathroom plus floor tiles are easier to swap out if you fall out of favour with them or just fancy a change.

We might also see manufacturers increasing the colours used on tile decors, adding a bit of interest here and there but without being too dominant. Hopefully, I think the sanitaryware for now will remain white and the return of the olive, blue and pink suites are still some way off. But then again, what do I know?

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