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Wall & Floor Tiles for a Wet Room

You’ve decided to get a wet room installed in your en-suite or bathroom and have asked the experts for advice for choosing your wet room tiles. Don’t be surprised if you get conflicting information. People will advise you to use non-slip tiles and others will recommend only porcelain tiles. But is this correct?

Fortunately for you, the answer is no.  If you were to follow their advice, you would simply end up paying more for your wet room tiles, but there is another option.

To keep your costs down, you can also consider using matching ceramic wall and floor tiles. Not only are ceramic tiles perfectly suited as wet room tiles for a wall and floor, they are also generally cheaper than other tile options.

And of course, don’t forget to keep an eye out for any special offers or bargains available, remembering that ceramic tiles can be used too. In fact, they can be more suited to use as a wet room tiles than some natural stone tiles which are too porous.

Rio Blanco Floor Tile

Rio Blanco Floor Tile £12.25 per sqm

Rio Blanco Wall Tile

Rio Blanco Wall Tile £12.25 per sqm









Generally, you will find ceramic wall and floor tiles are different sizes. The wall tiles are usually rectangular and the floor tiles square. You cannot use ceramic wall tiles on the floor, but you can fit ceramic floor tiles on the wallPorcelain and natural stone tiles however, can be fitted on both the wall and floor, although their cost per square metre is usually higher.

Tokio Wall & Floor Tiles

Tokio Wall & Floor Tiles


 Ceramic wet room tiles – Design Choices:

1. Use the same design of tile on the wall and floor in the same colour way.

2. Use co-ordinating colours of the same design of tile on the wall and floor. Usually the lighter shade on the wall and darker shade on the floor.

3. Use different styles of wall and floor tiles to create your stunning display.

4. Floor tiles can be fitted on both the wall and floor, and as they can sometimes be cheaper than wall tiles, you could consider using floor tiles all over (as long as you are happy with square wall tiles).

To summarise, when selecting wall and floor wet room tiles for an en-suite or bathroom and to keep your costs down, choose wall and floor tiles that are ceramic rather than porcelain or natural stone.

Check out the designs at Creative Tiles and Laminates website. If you find a bathroom wall tile or floor tile you like, a tab below the product information will display if there are any other “Products in this Range”.  Alternatively, call on 01922 610015 for further help or assistance.


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