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If you want to avoid the problems of tiling onto plywood and plasterboard then No More Ply is the product to use. Perfect if you want to overboard wooden or concrete floors and not use plywood which is vulnerable to moisture.

The 6mm No More Ply boards can be used to overoard both walls and floors making it ideal for wetrooms too. It also provides a movement free surface so there is no risk of cracked tiles (but don’t forget to use flexible tile adhesive and grout for your floors).

The tile backer boards are quick and easy to fix, are extremely strong making them perfect for use with heavy tiles and they fit flush with any surrounding plasterboard.

10 reasons to use No More Ply

  1. The cement based boards are not vulnerable to moisture.
  2. Sturdy without being damaged easily.
  3. Can be used with Underfloor Heating Systems and have insulation properties
  4. Easy to transport as fits mosts vehicles, although must be stored flat.
  5. Will not burn and contains no asbestos.
  6. Slim boards adding only 6mm to the floor height.
  7. Easy to cut with the tungsten blade of the Scoring Knife.
  8. Sound proofing properties so will limit noise.
  9. Easy to lay with Screws and Mega Strength Adhesive.
  10. Inexpensive to buy, reliable and fast to lay.

No More Ply Products and Accessories

Scoring Knife to score and snap sheets easily.

No More Ply Scoring Knife

No More Ply Scoring Knife

Mega Strength Adhesive to aid fixing No More Ply boards – 305ml

No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive

Mega Strength Adhesive

SBR Professional Tilers Primer to provide a waterproof coating and improve insulation value of No More Ply – 1 Litre.

No More Ply SBR Professional Tilers Primer

SBR Professional Tilers Primer

No More Ply Screws which are self-drilling and self-countersinking – pack of 200.

No More Ply Screws 25mm

No More Ply Screws 25mm

No More Ply 6mm Boards – 1200 x 600mm (0.72 sq mt per board)

No More Ply Boards 6mm

No More Ply Boards 6mm

How do I use No More Ply and what do I need to know?

Overboarding Timber Floors – Use 6mm No More Ply boards fixed with Mega Strength and Screws.

Overboarding Concrete Floors – Use 6mm tile backer boards fixed with flexible tile adhesive.

Overboarding Solid Walls –  Prime with SBR Primer (1 part SBR to 3 parts water) AND use 6mm tile backer boards and ‘Dot and Dab’ with tile adhesive.

Complete Waterproofing – Use Mega Strength on all joints AND coat 6mm No More Ply boards with SBR Primer (1 part SBR to 3 parts water).

Fixing Floor Tiles – Always use a good quality single part flexi adhesive.

For further help or assistance when choosing or installing No More Ply products, contact Creative Tiles and Laminates on 01922 610015 or email







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