Can you Repair Underfloor Heating?

Repair Underfloor Heating – Is it possible?

When a customer is deciding to install underfloor heating, one of the most common questions asked is if you can repair underfloor heating ?  Fortunately, the answer is yes.

Installing underfloor heating can be a quite costly investment. It gets covered in leveller and tiles are fixed over the top. How on earth can you repair underfloor heating if it goes wrong or stops working?

The good news is that to repair underfloor heating can be a fairly simple exercise. Listed below are possible reasons why it isn’t working and how you can repair underfloor heating problems:

1.   Temperature sensor

If the thermostat is displaying a strange reading to normal, the floor sensor maybe faulty. Creative Tiles & Laminates always installs a second floor sensor as a backup to the first sensor. Then if the floor sensor does go, it isn’t a major job to swap which sensor is used by the thermostat.

If you do not have a secondary sensor, you will have to install a new floor sensor. Either dig into the grout lines (if wide enough) or dig up a tile so you can position it adjacent to the underfloor heating mat.

2.   Thermostat

Try resetting the clock to the factory settings to check whether your thermostat is faulty. If the problem persists, you may need to change the thermostat.

3.    Underfloor Heating Mat Cable

Repair Underfloor Heating Cable Kit
Underfloor Heating Cable Repair Kit

A.   An accidental break in the cable.

We find that most repairs are necessary due to accidentally cutting into the electric cable.

Fortunately, this type of failure means you know exactly where the break is so you should be able to fix it using a cable repair kit.

Most electric underfloor heating mats are manufactured in the same way. This means that the break in the cables can be easily resolved by using a repair kit.

Each kit will repair one break in the electric underfloor heating cable mat.

B.   Location of failure unknown. 

This is the trickiest and most expensive failure to fix but it is not impossible. You simply need to book an experienced underfloor heating electrician.

He will use various pieces of equipment including a thermal imaging camera to identify the site of the failure. Once the break is identified, he can simply dig up the tile above the break and fix the break. You can then arrange for a tiler to fit a replacement tile or you can do it yourself. Don’t forget to use flexible adhesive and grout.

Remember, most underfloor heating mats come with a lifetime guarantee. If the electrician determines that it is a manufacturers fault, the cost of the repair to the mat should be covered by the manufacturer.

We recommend checking out the terms of your manufacturers guarantee. You may have to contact the manufacturersupplier or installer of your underfloor heating mat to authorise a visit by the specialist UFH electrician.

If you need to repair underfloor heating, or you require any further help or assistance, please contact Creative Tiles & Laminates or call 01922 610015.


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