Choosing Floor Tiles for your Kitchen

Kitchen Floor Tiles – What choices do you have?

The choice of floor tile you make for your kitchen is more important than you realise. Do not underestimate the effect floor tiles can have on the overall look and feel to the room where you probably spend most time.

You need an idea of the colour and finish of your kitchen units and worktops and to decide on the colour you are painting the walls. Then all that is left, is to decide on how best to co-ordinate these items with your choice of floor tiles and wall tiles.

Floor tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and made from different types of materials, all of which affect the price and overall budget. Floor tiles need to be practical in a kitchen as you are likely to experience spillages and the occasional dropped item, so kitchen floor tiles need to be hard wearing and durable.

Ceramic Floor Tiles

Accent Gris Ceramic Floor Tiles

Accent Gris Ceramic Floor Tiles

The most popular type are ceramic tiles, these help you keep to a budget as the prices tend to be competitive.

Ceramic floor tiles are usually supplied in either 30x30cm or 45x45cm sizes in a variety of colours and finishes.

Ceramic tiles are resistant to staining and do not need to be sealed.


Porcelain Floor Tiles

Galileo Black Floor Tiles

Galileo Black Floor Tiles

Porcelain tiles have been fired in the kiln twice and harder wearing than ceramic tiles. They come in various sizes 30x30cm, 45x45cm, 30x60cm and 60x60cm and can be supplied with a matt, gloss or highly polished finish.

Many tile manufacturers are swapping production of ceramic tiles to porcelain floor tiles as they become increasingly popular – especially large 60x60cm polished porcelain.

Porcelain floor tiles maybe supplied with rectified edges where the tiles can be butted closer together with smaller grout joints.


They may require sealing prior to installation to prevent water stains (normally polished porcelain tiles) – but check with the retailer as the floor tiles may have been pre-sealed by the manufacturer.

Granite Floor Tiles

Galaxy Star Granite Floor Tiles

Galaxy Star Granite Floor Tiles


Granite tiles are a natural stone tile and very tough.

They require sealing to prevent water damage and staining but should withstand the usual rigours of kitchen life.

They will provide a wow factor to your flooring; however they can work out quite expensive.


Other types of tiles you may want to consider for your kitchen floor include slate, quarry or natural terrracotta tiles. Each have different requirements with regard to colours, sizes and maintenance requirements.

Choosing a floor tile layout

Remember kitchen tiles can be laid in a variety of different ways, herringbone (Maderas Cerezo), brick bond (Maderas Encina), grid or staggered. The effect will be amazing and if chosen correctly the floor tiles will co-ordinate perfectly and bring together all aspects of your new kitchen design.

Herringbone Layout

Maderas Cerezo Wood Effect Tiles

Brickbond Layout

Maderas Encina Wood Effect Floor Tiles








Ask your local retailer for advice if in doubt as to which type of floor tile to choose for your kitchen, they will have lots of experience and can help you avoid any costly mistakes. Contact Creative Tiles and Laminates for any help or assistance in choosing your kitchen floor tiles.


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