Choosing Floor Tiles for a Period Property

Modern tiles with plain finishes and streamlined edges maybe all the rage in a new home or to a newly built extension, but what happens if you have a period property with a traditional feel.

Fitting a large format polished porcelain tile may look completely out of place and not in keeping with features such as cornices, cottage style windows or picture rails.  So what should you look for when choosing floor tiles?

Choosing Floor Tiles

  1. Consider floor tiles that have slightly wavy edges to imitate beautiful flagstone floors rather than perfectly straight edged tiles.

    Atlas Beige Floor Tiles 41x41cm

    Atlas Beige Floor Tiles 41x41cm











2. Floor tiles which have chamfered edges can also create a more rustic appearance.

3. Indentations, pitting or texture to the tiles will lend themselves to a worn / lived in appearance.

4. Choosing floor tiles with different sizes across the same design can help the flooring to feel less regimented and more homely; these are usually called modular or multisized tiles.

Egeo Delos Modular

Egeo Delos Modular

5. An improvement in the manufacturing technique of tiles has meant that wood effect floor tiles can also be used to great effect. Inkjet printing allows the knots and graining to add a relaxed atmosphere to your home.

6. You can also experiment with a variety of colours for different effect. Blacks and greys imitate slate colours whereas creams and beiges lend themselves to natural stone floors such as sandstone or limestone. Of course there are also terracotta effect ceramic floor tiles instead of quarry tiles to add that little bit of warmth but at a fraction of the cost of the real thing.

7. Install the patterned modern equivalent of ‘Minton‘ style floor tiles. Although one can never compare to the real thing, choosing floor tiles from these modern alternatives will save you a lot of money on tile fitting and there are some very attractive designs.

Tapas Tiles for Minton Style Flooring

Tapas Tiles for Minton Style Flooring

One thing to be careful with in a period property, well in any property really. Don’t forget the preparation. You are unlikely to have perfectly flat floors or even concrete floors so make sure any floorboards are prepped well with ply, No More Ply or tile backer boards. Use the correct adhesive and grout and this will help to ensure that the tiles are laid correctly, preventing lipping and cracking.

Choosing floor tiles can be a time consuming business but once you’ve got it right there’s no looking back.  Oh and don’t forget to install underfloor heating too, to keep your tootsies warm.

For design advice or guidance, visit Creative Tiles and Laminates’ Walsall showroom or call on 01922 610015.


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