Fitting Tiles & Tile Shopping The Right Way

We’ve all been there, we need to buy a new telly, toaster, carpet or wall tiles for the bathroom. So, what do we do? We spend ages shopping around online and on real world searches in shops trying to work out what is the best product at the best price.

It has become the norm, the natural way to shop or start a DIY project and it must be done. But is it really saving you money, never mind time or hassle. Realistically, we all know that finding the cheapest is not necessarily the best choice. But what is the best – the most expensive, surely not?

The real answer is getting the best advice so you can make an informed decision.

Tile Shopping

Tile Shopping at Creative Tiles

Tile Shopping at Creative Tiles

For instance, you have a need for fitting tiles on the floor of your new expensive kitchen which are complementary but not too expensive as the budget is tight. What do you do? Find a suitable tile, order a batch, find a tiler, book him in and cross your fingers waiting for the fitting date. When the tiler turns up all might go well, so well done you.

However, what if you experience problems? These could range from “the tile adhesive isn’t correct, you’ll have to take it back” to “I’m 3 boxes of tiles short, can you get some more?”. There’s also the risk after fitting tiles they may move or crack after the job is finished. Unfortunately, you may end up as piggy in the middle in the blame game between tile shop, tiler and adhesive manufacturer.

Has your search for the cheapest been successful? Maybe, but perhaps only on a wing and a prayer – there are no guarantees.

Fitting Tiles

Going down the ‘taking professional advice’ route may not be the most natural option as we all prefer our own advice, but it does have major benefits. Take Creative Tiles and Laminates for instance. They have a wide range of wall and floor tiles for kitchens and bathrooms both online and in their Walsall showroom. There is a vast choice to suit all requirements plus the tiles come with professional advice, guarantees and years of experience fitting tiles.

Choosing the tile is the hard part and believe me that can be hard enough. But once decided upon, the remainder of the project is taken care of and you can relax. A free visit is carried out to survey the preparation needed so a no obligation fixed price quote can be provided. The visit identifies and guarantees the correct adhesive, number of tiles and any extras needed for fitting tiles.

Fitting Tiles in a Kitchen

Fitting Tiles in a Kitchen

Once the go-ahead is given by the customer, a date is fixed (in stone) and the work carried out as discussed. If for any reason any extras are required such as adhesive, trims, door bars, tiles that had been overlooked on the quote, it is the responsibility of Creative Tiles and Laminates to address them accordingly. We get on with fitting tiles without bothering the customer. No problems are passed back to the customer and the price is fixed according to the quote. Hassle free tiling at it’s best.

After the work is finished, a one year fitting guarantee comes into effect to cover any possible later complications. There is no extra charge for this guarantee as it comes within the original fixed price quote. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about our work or view images of completed tiling jobs.

Tiles Fitted by Professional Tilers

Ultimately, you will have benefitted by taking professional advice – no endless shopping around, a price to suit your budget and no regrets afterwards as the price and quality are fixed. This is fitting tiles and tile shopping the right way.

Visit the website, showroom at West Bromwich Road, Tame Bridge, Walsall, WS5 4AL or book a free no obligation quote today.

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