How to clean grout between wall and floor tiles

Grout Cleaning

Over time, you will find that the tile grout joints between your wall tiles and floor tiles may start to discolour and you want clean grout joints.

Removing mould stains from wall tile grout

Bathrooms tend to experience damp and humid conditions on a regular basis, which aid the growth of mould and mildew on the grout in between the wall tiles. Popular branded wall grouts include a fungicide as standard, but eventually dark patches of mould will develop, unfortunately, this is inevitable. So, what can you do to remove it and have clean grout?

Try using a specialist mould and mildew cleaning product, such as HG Mould Spray. It immediately destroys any fungus and related grey and black spots through its bleaching action. You can clean grout between tiled walls including marble, but if in doubt, first test it out in a discrete place.

HG Hagesan Mould Spray

HG Hagesan Mould Spray

  1. Choose the Stream or Spray setting and spray the surface from 3-5cm distance.
  2. Leave it to work for 30 minutes.
  3. For stubborn stains, spray again and leave for another 30 minutes.
  4. Clean the area with sponge and water.
  5. Elastic grouting such as silicone paste must be washed off after 30 minutes and treated again.
  6. The grout discolouration maybe caused by limescale, in which case use HG Hagesan Blue.

Clean grout stains

In most instances, unless protected, a floor grout will tend to go grey – this is why most tilers recommend you have grey grout in the first place. You only need to look at the floor grouting in public restrooms, bars and restaurants to see how it darkens. The build up of dirt, cleaning product residue will take its toll on your grout.

For clean grout, use a specialist grout cleaner, such as HG Grout Cleaner – it is a specially formulated buffered, synthetic cleaner to clean all grout joints particularly between glazed wall tiles and floor tiles. It is also safe to use on coloured grout too, but not high gloss painted grout joints. Do not use on lime-containing tiles such as marble or other natural stone tiles.

HG Hagesan Grout Cleaner

HG Hagesan Grout Cleaner

  1. Dilute the cleaner 1:4 in lukewarm water.
  2. Apply the solution with a brush or scrubbing sponge.
  3. Leave to work for approximately 10 minutes then scrub with the applicator.
  4. Clean with lukewarm water to remove the dirt (you will need to clean the applicator repeatedly in clean water).
  5. Leave to dry.
  6. If necessary, repeat the application for clean grout.

Protecting grout to keep it clean

Now that you’ve done all the hard work to get your grout looking clean and fabulous, you don’t want the effort to be wasted. So now is the time to protect the grout. HG Super Protector for wall and floor grout is ideal. It adheres to the cement joint and provides a transparent protection against the penetration of (food) oil, fat and moisture. Plus black mould is prevented from developing as the joints can no longer absorb liquids. The grout protector is especially recommended for use on light coloured floor grouts such as white, cream and limestone to maintain clean grout lines.

HG Hagesan Super Protector

HG Hagesan Super Protector

  1. Ensure all joints are clean and leave to dry for 24 hours prior to using.
  2. Apply to floor grout joints using the pipette provided (the 250ml bottle will cover approximately 30-40 sqm with a 30x30cm tile and 0.5cm tile joint). Uses 1-2ml liquid per running metre of the joint.
  3. Apply to wall joints with a brush (preferably a similar width to the grout joint). Leave to dry for 1 hour then apply a second layer. Remove any surplus with a clean cloth.
  4. Discolouration is possible if the instructions are not followed and too much product is used.

Recolouring grout joints between glazed wall tiles

If you haven’t been able to get the grout looking as clean as you would like, then you can recolour the wall grout using HG Grout Colour.

HG Hagesan Grout Colour White

HG Hagesan Grout Colour White

  1. Roughen up very smooth grout joints to provide a key.
  2. Do not apply on silicone grout or grout joints previously treated with a water repellent product such as the super protector.
  3. Fully hardened after 3 weeks.


If you are unable to restore your grout as desired then as a last resort you can remove the grout using either a grout rake or grout remover.

  1. Grout remover toolRun the grout tool up and down the joints to take it out, taking care not to scratch the tiles.
  2. Once removed, brush the area to remove any dirt or dust.
  3. Re-apply a new grout according to the manufacturers instructions.

Potentially a laborious and time consuming job, but perhaps less costly than a complete re-tiling job.

Contact Creative Tiles and Laminates for further help or assistance in how to clean grout lines and keep them looking pristine between your wall or floor tile joints. Check out the bathroom cleaners and tile grout cleaners.








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