How to Remove Limescale

If you live in Birmingham, you are blessed with a supply of wonderful soft water.  Outside this area and you maybe unlucky to be cursed with hard water and the constant need to remove limescale.  After moving house from a soft to hard water area a few years ago, I know the difference it can make.

Remove limescale from baths, sinks, grout taps and toilets

Hard water is a nightmare. It causes limescale deposits on your baths, sinks, grout, in toilets and around taps. Not to mention clogging up irons, kettles and washing machines, but that is another story.

HG Limescale Removeer

HG Limescale Remover


In your bathroom and kitchen areas specifically, I couldn’t believe how difficult it is to remove limescale. But, I can honestly say that HG Professional Limescale Remover works like a dream.


In fact, it is the best product I have ever used. You can even feel the limescale deposits wiping away under your fingertips when you use it. It removes limescale and revitalises sanitaryware and taps.

What damage can limescale cause?

Dripping taps in hard water areas will cause limescale residue to steadily grow on sinks. This in turn will dullen your sanitaryware. Limescale can also accumulate from splashes on a toilet rim. Do not leave the limescale to build-up. If you do, it will become harder to remove the deposits.

Can HG limescale remover be used neat?

The limescale remover can be used either neat or diluted. It will depend on the severity of your limescale soiling. I have only ever used it neat.  In which case, you don’t need alot of liquid for it to work and it doesn’t take much elbow grease either.

How to use HG Professional Limescale Remover

Simply add the limescale remover to a clean cloth. Apply it to the affected area and give it a gentle rub. For particularly stubborn stains, wash over the area with neat liquid and leave for a few minutes to soak in. Rub with a cloth, then rinse thoroughly with water.

Always use protective gloves when applying HG limescale remover. It is an extremely powerful product to remove limescale but not kind to your skin.

HG Hagesan’s Directions For Use

The manufacturer suggest applying to an inconspicuous place in the first instance. The limescale remover is safe for use on chrome, stainless steel, ceramics, glaze, glass, crystal and various types of plastic. Do not use on marble, travertine, granite, limestone, other calciferous natural stone and non-acid surfaces.

HG Limescale Remover can be diluted up to a 1:10 ratio. Always dilute at this ratio to remove limescale on bathtubs. HG Hagesan advise applying with a sponge and leaving the limescale remover to work for a few minutes. Then wipe or rinse off with water and repeat if necessary.

Other uses for HG limescale remover

  • For a badly functioning shower head, immerse it in the limescale remover for 30 minutes and finish off by brushing.
  • Glassware that has lost its shine can be immersed for up to 10 minutes (using a 1:10 dilution).

The Best Product to Remove Limescale

Use HG Professional Limescale Remover also known as Hagesan Blue. It will remove limescale, rust stains, uric (yellow stain deposits), and verdigris (copper oxide). It is truly amazing stuff.

I’m ecstatic with how it works. I now have stain free toilet rims and a smooth shiny sink. Plus my chrome shower head and controls sparkle like the day they were first fitted.

Buy your HG Limescale Remover from Creative Tiles and Laminates online or call 01922 610015 for further assistance.


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