Laminate Tiles – How effective is Tile Effect Laminate Flooring?


Prato Quadra Laminate Flooring UF1018

Quick Step Quadra 8mm Laminate Flooring

What do you do if you are replacing your flooring and you think floor tiles are cold? You don’t really fancy lino and don’t want carpet either. What are your options – are there alternatives?

Why not try laminate tiles, which is basically tile effect laminate flooring.  They are square pieces of laminate flooring made from MDF and designed to look like real floor tiles, but without the coldness.

With improvements in manufacture, the styles are very effective and perfectly suited to use as bathroom flooring in most households or for use in other rooms of the house.  Check out Creative Tile & Laminates full range of Quick-Step tile effect laminate flooring.

Quickstep Quadra Luna TU400
Quickstep Quadra Luna TU400 Laminate Flooring

One of the most popular laminate tile designs from Quick-Step is Prato UF1018 (pictured above), a solid black slate effect design.  Extremely realistic and very classy. 

Alternatively, you could always choose a more traditional tile effect laminate flooring design such as Luna TU400 which is a light coloured laminate tile with imitation grey grout lines.

Polished Concrete Dark Arte UF1247 Laminate Flooring

Polished Concrete Dark Arte Laminate Flooring UF1247

Or for a modern contemporary choice check out the Polished Concrete Dark Arte UF1247, a magnificent large laminate tile (62.4cm x 62.4cm) in a brown concrete style, with a subtle v-groove around each tile to give detail and variation.  Here we fitted the Quick-step laminate to the floor of a kitchen diner, and very impressive it looks too.

Tile effect laminate tiles are perfect for use around the home, so get planning your new laminate flooring today at Creative Tiles and Laminates.


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