Multi Sized Tiles or Modular Floor Tiles

Fed up with regular sized floor tiles? Do you think they are boring or lack character? Are you in need of a flooring makeover?

Multi Sized Tiles

Tuscany Noce Multi Size Tiles
Tuscany Noce Multi Size Tiles

Then what you need are modular floor tiles. These are floor tiles that have the same style and design but which come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also known as multi sized tiles.

 Tile Patterns

Using a multi sized tiles combination will create a striking floor tile design which is unique and striking. The multi sized tile design maybe made up of a two, three or four tile combination. All styles of modular floor tiles are available; from modern polished porcelain finishes to rustic two tone terracotta flagstone effect designs or 4 tile comination natural stone styles.

Nilo Ocre Multi Size Terracotta Floor Tiles

Nilo Ocre Multi Size Terracotta Floor Tiles

Keystone Oct Floor Tiles

Keystone Oct Floor Tiles

Depending upon how many different multi sized tiles are used, there may be an intricate way of laying them and a special tiling pattern to follow when fitting the floor tiles.

Floor Tile Materials

Pirita Blanco Floor Tiles
Pirita Blanco Floor Tiles

The multi sized tiles are made of different tile materials such as ceramic, porcelain or natural stone. Generally multi sized tiles which are ceramic or porcelain tiles will have the same uniform colour and look across all sizes.

Natural stone tiles however, may differ from tile to tile due to the production method as stone blocks differ from block to block. Natural stone tiles may contain fossils, imperfections, thread veins or impurities – all of which add to their character and depth.

 Tile Fitting Essentials

Visit your local tile shop with the exact floor measurements so they can calculate and order the correct quantity of each size of your modular tiles.

Cairo Cuero Multi Size Floor Tiles
Cairo Cuero Multi Size Floor Tiles

Fitting a multi sized tiling project will probably take more time than normal.  You will need to follow a pattern and measure out for different sized tiles.

To help laying multi sized tiles we recommend marking out the floor area using chalk lines. Follow the pattern carefully or your tiling design may look irregular and you won’t have the correct tiles to complete the job.

 Other Floor Tiling Layout Options

If you find multi sized tiles are outside of your budget there are other options to give your flooring a wow factor. It is not always necessary to lay your floor tiles in a grid fashion where all the grout joints meet at the same points.

Instead, why not lay them in a brick bond style where the grout joint is half way along the adjacent tile. Or you could lay the tiles in a diamond style. Please note that fitting on the diagonal may require up to an additional 20% of tiles to cover the extra cuts.

If your floor tiles are rectangular, they can be laid in a staggered fashion with grout joints differing by a few inches only. Alternatively be inspired to fit the tiles using a herringbone design and replicate the luxury of parquet flooring.

You will have a variety of materials and combinations of floor tiles from which to choose to create the style you desire. Visit your local tile shop for inspiration or call Creative Tiles and Laminates on 01922 610015.


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