Porcelanosa Tiles available at Walsall Showroom

Creative Tiles and Laminates are proud to announce they are now an authorised supplier of leading brand tile manufacturer Porcelanosa. A Spanish manufacturer of tiles, they are renowned for their popularity with tradesmen and house builders for providing a consistently reliable product.

Stunning Kitchen Tiles

Bring your kitchen floor tiles up to date from their fabulous designs. You will add value to your home and give your kitchen the wow factor. Why not be different and install larger format tiles to your kitchen wall. It will look amazing and all your neighbours will be jealous.

Fantastic Kitchen Floor Tiles from Porcelanosa

Fantastic Kitchen Floor Tiles

Fabulous Bathroom Wall Tiles from Porcelanosa

Or complete the modernisation of your bathroom using the most up to date styles. There are many feature tiles to create the perfect bathroom display. Some wall tiles have subtle textures and others have amazing real 3D effect designs. There is something to suit everyone.

Japan Marine and Japan Line Marine

Japan Marine and Japan Line Marine

Or if you are after mosaics then Porcelanosa can help you with these too. Be understated with some designs or add real glamour with the glitzy variety…the choice is yours.

Elements Mini Pattern Dawn

Elements Mini Pattern Dawn

Porcelanosa pride themselves on the quality of their product and design which make them an excellent fit for Creative Tiles and Laminates. They offer a fantastic choice of wall and floor tiles using the latest fashions in interior design. If you can’t find anything you like, we would certainly be flabbergasted.

So if you are thinking of refurbishing a room in your home. Or you’ve had an extension built and need wall or floor tiles. Get down to Creative Tiles and Laminates and check out the latest Porcelanosa displays.

Come and check out the wide range of Porcelanosa tiles available, from smaller wall tiles up to larger floor tiles the choice is endless. Visit the Creative Tiles and Laminates showroom in Walsall to see the full range available or call 01922 610015 for more information.


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Joined Creative Tiles and Laminates as Marketing Manager in 2005. Complementing the senior management team containing 30+ years experience of fitting, flooring and customer services.
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2 Responses to Porcelanosa Tiles available at Walsall Showroom

  1. Lynda Stolic says:

    Hi there.
    We had underfloor heating fitted in our kitchen and dining area when we had our kitchen fitted in April 2016. It is on two separate systems. The system in the dining area appears to have failed. Whilst I was cooking in the kitchen , the power went off and both the kettle and underfloor system stopped working from this point. Nothing related to the underfloor system on the dinning side works at all so there is nothing on the panel at all.
    When the underfloor system was originally fitted it was purchased by the fitter who fitted it. However the tiler ( sourced by them) laid the tiles poorly above it and they had to be removed and relaid. It has been suggested to me that this may have caused damage to the system although it has worked up until now.
    Can you advise us how we should now proceed with this.

    • Susan says:

      Hi Lynda
      Apologies for the delay in responding.
      Yes, it is possible that digging up the tiles could have caused damage to the cables. To be fair, this is easily done when digging up tiles laid over underfloor heating, especially a whole floor. Even when you are only digging up one tile and being very, very careful it is possible to nick a cable.

      However, if it also blew the kettle, it might be worth having your mains wiring checked over first.

      If everything is okay with that, you will need a specialist underfloor heating electrician to locate where the fault or faults lie in the dining area. Once the fault/s are located, the specialist can determine the cause of the fault and remedy the problem. You should also be able to determine whether it was caused by digging up the tiles. I’d suggest liaising with your supplier so that if the fault is a result of the poor tiling/digging up, they agree to be responsible for any repair costs.

      All the best

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