Terracotta Tiles – Is there a Cheap Alternative?

Terracotta Tiles

Authentic terracotta floor tiles look stunning when fitted. The earthy reds and burnt orange hues bring warmth to your home. In fact, you can’t beat the look and feel of them. The trouble is traditional terracotta tiles tend to be quite pricey. They also require maintenance to keep them looking their best (use HG Hagesan Terracotta range of cleaning products).

Where can I buy terracotta tiles cheaply?

It is possible to create a rustic feel to your home at a fraction of the cost of using the real thing. Cut your budget and use ceramic terracotta tiles. The red body of a ceramic tile lends itself perfectly to terracotta coloured tile designs. Ceramic terracotta tiles are the ideal cheaper alternative.

Extremely popular are the Alcora range of 31.6 x 31.6cm ceramic terracotta tiles. Available in two shades and priced at only £15.50 per square metre you can’t beat them.

Alcora Arena has a pale terracotta colour with greater shading differences across the tile between light and dark.

Alcora Arena Terracotta Floor Tile

Alcora Arena Terracotta Floor Tile


Alcora Rustico has traditional rustic mid to dark terracotta tones giving a vibrant warm effect.

Alcora Rustico Terracotta Tiles

Alcora Rustico Terracotta Tiles


Alcora floor tiles are suitable for creating the perfect terracotta tiled flooring in your home. Use in a conservatory, hallway or on a kitchen floor.

View the full range of terracotta floor tiles.

Can I use ceramic terracotta tiles outside?

We do not recommend using ceramic terracotta tiles outside.  They are generally unsuitable for exterior use. They do not have a frost resistance rating and will crack in cold temperatures. For outside you need to fix porcelain floor tiles, but prices will tend to be higher than ceramic.

Will I need special tile adhesive or grout?

For fixing ceramic terracotta tiles onto a concrete floor, you can use standard floor tile adhesive and grout. If fixing onto a wooden floor, you must prep the floor with plywood or equivalent and use flexible adhesive and grout.

If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Creative Tiles and Laminates on 01922 610015, visit their Walsall showroom or website or view alternative terracotta tiles here.


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