What size tiles make a room look bigger? Large tiles?

Large Tiles vs Small Tiles

In essence, it is true that large tiles will make a room look bigger rather than smaller and the main reason for this is the ‘busy’ factor. The smaller the tile, the more grout lines you have, which ultimately increases how busy the design looks. This principle works with both wall tiles and floor tiles, in fact with carpets and other floorcoverings too.

Bathroom Tiles

Caliza Marfil Wall & Floor Tiles 40x60cm
Caliza Marfil Wall & Floor Tiles 40x60cm

In order to create a calm tiled space, you need to think BIG for both wall tiles and floor tiles. If you introduce any type of pattern to the flooring or walls by using tile decors or tile borders – it will start to make your room look more condensed.

 To combat this, use larger tiles, keep to lighter coloured tiles or ones with a gloss finish to reflect the light. You can also use matching wall and floor tiles to create a harmonious design.

Kitchen Floor Tiles

If you have a small or galley style kitchen, why not fit a larger sized rectangular floor tile such as 30x60cm or 40x60cm. Install the tiles with the widest part across the kitchen rather than running along the length. This will give the illusion of a wider floor tiled area rather than the room being long and thin. If you also use good quality floor tiles with a rectified edge and have a good subfloor, you should be able to minimise the width of your grout joints to just 1mm wide.

Using Smaller Floor Tiles or Wall Tiles

Sil Caliza Floor Tile 33x33cm with Limestone Grout
Sil Caliza Floor Tile 33x33cm with Limestone Grout

It may be that your only option is to use smaller tiles.

Your tiler may not like fitting large tiles; you maybe tiling yourself and do not have the right tile cutter for large tiles or perhaps your budget won’t stretch to some of the more expensive large tiles.

Do not fret; by using the following tips you can lessen the ‘busy’ factor.

 Top 5 tips to create the illusion of space with wall & floor tiles

  1. Keep to lighter coloured tiles
  2. Favour gloss finish wall tiles and floor tiles
  3. Use a complementary coloured grout rather than a contrasting grout (the grout should match and blend in with the tiles rather than framing them)
  4. Do not lay the floor tiles in a brickbond, staggered or diamond layout
  5. Lay the floor tiles or wall tiles in a grid fashion

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