Wood Effect Floor Tiles for a Hallway

Are wood effect floor tiles suitable for a hallway?

Absolutely.  Floor tiles are perfectly suited for use in a hallway and have many advantages over other types of flooring, including:

  1. Easier to clean than carpet
  2. Does not show the dirt as easy as other flooring
  3. More hard wearing to last longer
  4. Is waterproof so will not warp with excess moisture
  5. Can be easily installed with a matwell to trap outside dirt

Which floor tiles can you use in a hallway?

This will very much depend on the shape and style of your hallway.  If you have a very thin hallway, then fitting large format 60×60 floor tiles may look overwhelming if you can only fit 2 or 3 tiles widthways.

Realistically, for a hallway you should be able to choose from most ceramic, porcelain or natural stone floor tiles available in the market place.  Simply pick something in keeping with your home, size and style of the room.

A popular choice are wood effect floor tiles.  They lend themselves well to use in a hallway. They can either be ceramic or porcelain and they are not perceived as giving off the same cold feeling that other floor tiles sometimes can.

Maderas Nogal Floor Tiles

Maderas Nogal – Staggered Lengthways

5 different ways to fit wood effect floor tiles

Generally supplied in a rectangular format, the wood effect floor tiles can be fitted in a variety of ways to create interest:

  1. Grid (the grout lines of all the tiles meet up, lengthways and widthways)
    Maderas Olivo - Herringbone
    Maderas Olivo – Herringbone
  2. Staggered (adjacent floor tiles start 1/4 or 1/3 down from the previous floor tile)
  3. Herringbone (wood effect floor tiles are at 90 degrees to each other)
  4. Brickbond (adjacent tiles are offset by 50%, so the grout joint will be halfway down the tile)
  5. Random (no pattern as to where the grout joints lie, similar to how laminate flooring planks are fitted)


Ideally, you would fit the tiles to follow the light, which in most cases would mean the shortest end of the wood effect floor tiles facing you as you enter the home.  But, if you have a narrow corridor, the floor tiles can be fitted across the hallway to create the illusion of a wider entrance.  Note that this will take longer to fit as you will have more cuts, so you may need slightly more tiles.

Saman Fresno - Random Widthways

Saman Fresno – Random Widthways

Creative Tiles and Laminates stock a wide range of wood effect floor tiles and usually from stock. You can also order a sample of the tile to view the colour and finish in your own home.

Saman Roble - Brickbond Widthways

Saman Roble – Brickbond Widthways

For further help or guidance on your choice of wood effect floor tiles for your hallway or other rooms in the home, contact 01922 610015 or visit Creative Tiles & Laminates Walsall showroom or online store.








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