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Tools to Tile Your Bathroom

Taking on any home interior design project can feel quite daunting. That’s why Creative Tiles and Laminates are here to help. By using the correct tiling tools for the job you can make your project feel less of a chore.

Tile Trims and Listellos

Tile trims protect the exposed tile edges at corners from regular day to day bumps and knocks and also helps prevent moisture getting behind your tiles. They also give a finished edge to cut tiles or where the tile end is unattractive.

Listellos are thick or thin metal strips that are used to separate tiles for decorative purposes. They are sometimes used to accent a main tile selection.

Tile Spacers

Tile spacers are used to help provide an expert finish to your project. By using tile spacers you create an equal amount of distance between tiles. This makes sure they are positioned in a symmetrical manner allowing space to apply the grout later.

Trowels and Spreaders

When laying floor or wall tiles a notched trowel or spreader is used to evenly spread the adhesive. Tiles are then pressed on to the adhesive to create a complete bond with the back of the tiles.

Tile Backer Boards

Tile backer boards can be used in many tiling projects. They are used to provide a nice clean even surface on which you can lay your floor or wall tiles.

Grouting Tools

There are a number of different grouting tools available at Creative Tiles and Laminates, from grout rakes to grout removers. The main tool though is the grout squeegee, this is used for applying grout to the gaps between your tiles.

Tile Cutters

When laying floor or wall tiles there are always going to be areas that require tiles to be cut for that perfect fit. We have a variety of tile cutters and diamond saws and other cutting tools such as scoring wheels to help you with your project.

Door Bars

Door bars help make your tiling project complete where the tiles end in a doorway. At Creative Tiles and Laminates we stock door bars that seamlessly join tile to carpet, tile to tile or tile to laminate.

Cleaning Products

We sell a number of various cleaning products that not only clean but also protect your tiles. From impregnator, which seals tiny pores in your tiles to mould spray and floor tile glue remover.